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GB4000 MOPA/SR4 Amplifier Pulse Power Comparison
Posted by Joshua Parker on 15 October 2010 12:08 PM

There has been so much confusion, misinformation, and flat out lies about frequencies over the years that I'm very excited to release our eBook in the next few days. It blows the lid off of all the messed up information that has spread like a wildfire.

The GB4000 of course covers the full audio frequency range and will do it with straight audio frequencies as well as with a 2.4 MHz RF carrier wave. I find with the RF Carrier to be generally more effective for myself.

It's true - the MOPA is above and beyond the SR4 (smaller) amplifier and the SR4 is not used with it. The MOPA increases the power level in two distinct ways:
1. Average Power increases from 10 watts (SR4 amp) to 90 watts
2. Because the MOPA is a vacuum tube driven amplifier/oscillator the voltages it uses are much, much higher; this gives it the ability to drive much stronger short pulses in this case up to 360 watts of peak pulse power.

Why is pulse power important?

Historically vacuum tube driven technology is all that was available in the 1930's and there is historical documentation that the frequencies must be pulsed or the effect didn't happen.

Square waves were never produced by vacuum tube driven systems, this didn't come until later and they were far less effective. The pulses instead created a more complex wave with a sharp voltage spike on the leading edge. That's the important part to be included when trying to replicate this technology.

Our systems create this sharp voltage pulse with gating. In the MOPA the GB4000 is pulsing the signal created by the MOPA and that is what drives the pulses. The bigger the pulses the better and that's why 360 watt pulses are so significant and this can only be achieved with the MOPA.

Of course the GB4000/SR4 combo can still pulse using gating and many people are very happy with this combo on it's own, but at least now you know the big difference between these.



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